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“The essence of intercultural education is the acquisition of empathy–the ability to see the world as others see it, and to allow for the possibility that others may see something we have failed to see, or may see it more accurately”

JW Fulbright

Comissão Fulbright Brasil

[email protected]  / +55 (61) 3248 8600


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US Citizen

Escritório Sede

Main Office

Edifício Le Quartier

SHN Quadra 1, Área Especial A, Bloco A – sala 718

70.701-000 – Brasília/DF

Telefone: +55 (61) 3248-8600

Fax: 61 3248-8611

Escritório São Paulo

São Paulo Office

Rua Manoel da Nobrega, 595,

Conj. 34, Paraiso

04001-083 – Sao Paulo/SP


Telefone: + 55 (11) 3057 3703